Hearts of Iron IV Ultimate Bundle (Digital)



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Command history’s greatest war machines in Hearts of Iron IV, a grand strategy wargame from Paradox Interactive that places you in the seat of power for any nation in the world in the tumultuous years leading up to World War II. Research new technologies, develop the industrial might of your nation, and craft detailed war plans to further the spread of your national ideology.This Ultimate Bundle includes everything an armchair general needs to test their mettle on the grandest stage imaginable.Hearts of Iron VI base game:Play any nation on earth in the lead up to WW2, directing its research, industrial production, political fate and military operations.Poland: United and Ready:Polish nation pack including unique art for Polish vehicles, special achievements and a dedicated National Focus Tree.Death or Dishonor:New National Focus Trees for East and Central European minor nations Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia, as well as new diplomatic options and the ability to upgrade your armies.Together for Victory:New National Focus Trees for Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as technology sharing, a new autonomy system and upgraded Lend Lease mechanics.Waking the Tiger:New National Focus Trees for Communist and Republican China and modified alternate history trees for Germany and Japan. Also includes traits for military leaders and historical decisions.Battle for the Bosporus:New National Focus Trees for Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.La Résistance:New National Focus Trees for France, Nationalist Spain, Portugal, Republican Spain and Vichy France, as well as a detailed espionage system, collaborator governments, and a more dynamic Spanish Civil War.Man the Guns:New National Focus Trees for Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States as well as a major reworking of the naval system, including ship design, mines and naval treaties.Armor Packs:New unit art for both Allied and Axis tanks and armored vehicles.Eastern Front Plane Pack:Dozens of new unit images for aircraft for Central and Eastern European nationsMusic Packs:A Radio Pack, a collection of historic Allied war speeches, and a selection of music from the Eastern Front.

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