Mass Effect Andromeda Krogan Vanguard Multiplayer Recruit Pack (Digital)



Gry do pobrania na PC

„Gear up and fight for a new home with the Multiplayer Recruit Pack – Krogan Vanguard Edition. This pack offers everything you need to hit the ground well-armed and ready for battleYou dont need an army, youve got a Krogan. Charge into any battle with the Krogan Vanguard character. Respected as a deadly frontline fighter, the Vanguard uses a combination of weapons, biotics and hand-to-hand combat.Pack also includes:Uncommon Character (x2) Krogan VanguardRare Weapon (x2) – HornetUncommon Weapon (x2) – RuzardRare Mod #1 – Pistol BarrelRare Mod #2 – Shotgun BarrelUncommon Mod #1 – Pistol MagazineUncommon Mod #2 – Shotgun Spare ClipEquipment – Berserker PackageJumbo Supply Pack 1 (5x): 1st Aid, Ammo & Revive Packs, Cobra RPG and Boosters100% XP Enhancers (x5)600 Andromeda Points”

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